Puhul Dosi (Pumpkin Preserve)


1 1/2 lb. white pumpkin (before peeling)
1 lb. sugar
1/2 wineglass rose-water
1/4 pint water (1/2 cup)

Method :

Thinly peel the pumpkin. Prick the pumpkin well with a fork. Cut into two halves, then cut each half into about 12 pieces. Remove the seeds and pulp. The pumpkin pieces should weigh around 1 pound after peeling and removing seeds and pulp. 

Prick each piece well again and squeeze water out from each piece, keeping the pumpkin pieces whole and not broken. Put the sugar and water into a preserving pan, boil and keep stirring till very thick. Then add the pumpkin pieces and boil again, constantly stirring. When the sugar syrup is very thick again, add the rose-water. 

As the syrup thickens, reduce the heat and stir carefully so that all pieces are well coated with sugar. Take off of the fire and stir until the sugar crystalizes. Remove the pieces from the pan and place onto a sheet of wax paper and allow to cool. Store in a plastic zip-lock bag. ***Use this pumpkin for love cake or it is good just for eating as a candy

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